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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  June 7, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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i'm beth troutman. welcome to "right this minute." we put videos first. let's get started. a person hanging from a helicopter suddenly plunges into the water. and then, it happens again. >> you even see the helicopter go almost to the top of the tree level. >> they rescuing somebody off this boat? >> nope. just a crazy stunt for fun or it was until the feds busted them. >> when armed robbers take over a store, a father and his child are confronted by one gunman. >> and watch what he does. >> oh, my gosh. >> what the terrified dad did to save his kid. some street thugs try to rob a woman. >> look who comes to save the day. >> see how spiderman landed a few flying kicks and then got the girl too. >> i was like oh, okay. >> mama is home after a
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six-month deployment but her baby beagle is a little confused at first. >> and then she starts realizing it's amanda, it's amanda. i want you to take look at this cell phone footage we got and tell me what you think is happening. >> this took place in cookville, tennessee, on dale hallow lake. >> somebody dangling it. >> are they rescuing somebody off these boats? >> that's what the bystanders who shot the video thought was happening. >> they're doing this for fun. >> that's exactly right. this happens over and over again. this helicopter moves inches away from a boat filled with possibly a dozen people, they're grabbing hold of the skid rail. the helicopter will move up in the air and the person drops into the lake below. you even see the helicopter go almost to the top of the tree level before the person falls what reports are saying is an estimated 50 feet. >> fun, but i doubt it's legal. >> it's not legal and, in fact,
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this video has launched an investigation by two different agencies, the faa and the corps of engineers and a spokesperson for the corpses a nashville district says using aircraft so close to one of their lakes without permission violates federal law. the pilot could face a $5,000 fine and six months in jail. wtbs spoke to some of the eyewitnesses. >> if one of those blades hit something or, you know, he takes a nose dive into that water, every person on that boat and all the surrounding boats are in danger. >> luckily there were no reports of injuries but that doesn't mean it wasn't dangerous. >> is that a regular-sized helicopter. >> it's a smaller robinson r 44 or r 22, a two person or four person helicopter, gas powered, not jet engine. that's a gibson r 44 robinson gibson 44. couple of dallas dirt bags appear to have no regard for a young child's life. check out this surveillance video from a mobile phone store
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obtained by wfaa. two robbers walked into the store with guns in their hands. one of the alleged robbers used his gun to threaten employee jasmine. >> he pulled out his gun and he pushed the chair where i was sitting down and put the gun close to me and asked for the money. >> one of the robbers walks up to his father who is holding his 4-year-old daughter and watch what he does. >> he points the guns at the father's head and down at this young girl's head. >> we were scared. at that moment i thought he was going to do something to her or to any of us, but more than anything, i was afraid we couldn't do nothing. >> the father in the video here pretty much paralyzed with fear when he saw the gun, he immediately opens up his wallet and hands it to the robber. the robbers got away with cell phones and undisclosed amount of cash. >> human garbage flat out to point a gun at a 4-year-old child beyond the fact that you're robbing a store, that's despicable. >> please tell me they got these
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guys or they're close. >> police have not found these guys yet and that's why we're seeing this video. the police have released the video in hopes somebody will recognize these guys and they can apprehend them quickly. as we're g,regard for human lif >> i'm glad the robber wasn't smart enough to wear a mask because, obviously, we can see what he looks like. >> if they're not going to care to point a gun at a child's head they're not going to care if their face is on camera. that's the mentality going on in this video. we've all had very frustrating moments with the parking attendant sometimes, but in the end you pay, you move on. in this south florida mall this driver in this black ford f-150 pulls up to the parking attendant booth. there seems to be some sort of verbal confrontation. the driver jumps out of his car -- >> oh! >> and you see some sort of physical confrontation here. what's happening is that the driver 20-year-old juan
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rodriguez, stabbed the parking attendant in the chest and in the arm. >> he stabbed him over a parking fee? >> how much are we talking here? i mean like a couple bucks. >> we're talking three, four bucks maybe. >> what is wrong with this guy, man. wow. >> we don't know what the exchange of words was, but he was taken to a hospital and is recovering. rodriguez is still at large and police are looking for him. they know who he is. they need people to -- >> turn him in. >> after the stabbing you see the driver hang out for a little bit and then he just rams on the gas, slams through the gate, and just takes off. >> it's just amazing what people will do the crimes people will commit for what, five, six dollars. this guy can go to jail for years over this. >> it's not about the money in this situation. it's about him probably trying to prove something, be tough. >> how manly can he possibly be if he can't even pay a parking fee? this next one is guaranteed
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to put a smile on your face because it's another video from the welcome home blog. >> oh. where are the tissues. >> we love these here on "right this minute." it's a little bit different because doing the welcoming is daisy, a beagle. who's coming home? u.s. airman amanda, on a six-month deployment. this video is from her husband. >> hi, daisy. hi. hi. >> oh! oh! >> she's like, i'm going to smother you. >> it's funny because at first she kind of -- i thought she thought it was anybody coming in to say hi and then she starts realizing it's amanda, as amanda. >> i know that smell. >> and she is going nuts. >> hi. hi.
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>> her husband who sent this video to the welcome home blog said that daisy was a puppy when amanda left but is sort of full grown now but, of course, she remembers amanda. >> i'm surprised she would have such a tight bond as a puppy and not have that much time to really connect with amanda. that's fascinating. >> she was imprinted on her. >> yeah. she loves her, man. you can tell. >> the dog knows it's mama as soon as that first day, they connect and it's done. >> i bet that must have been a really good feeling for amanda. she probably was expecting some sort of excitement but didn't expect the erratic response. >> i know. i know. this dude here, decided to climb a big mountain for his birthday. >> keep watching him. keep watching. >> keep watching to see him show off his machoness on macho. >> i'm mario.
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>> and they have a message for you. >> say no to vertical video. >> we'll explain or they'll explain. >> [ inaudible ]. >> you go first. >> you start. >> you go first. >> [ inaudible ].
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your birthday is one of the best days of the year, right. >> my favorite holiday. >> my birthday. >> this is joe. joe climbed matchcho pcho the site of the inca ruins. tons of tourists go every year but i don't think that many climb to the top. notice all the clouds below him. >> yeah. like a karate pose. >> he is higher than everyone else. pretty small little space he's on. there are a couple of people who have also decided to climb this little space. this video was posted right after his birthday in march of 2011, but it just nowoing now showing up verywhere.
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you're about to see why. >> okay. >> keep watching him. keep watching. >> and one, and two, and three. >> wow. >> nice flourish at the end, too. >> is it neat of me to be able to be disappoint head didn't fall? >> yes, that is mean. your birthday you're going to take the time to climb, do a flip for your birthday. >> you're about to be impressed at how he is. watch the camera. >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> little false step could have sent him tumbling down. different than what i do on my birthday i sit on my couch in my boxers and eat like a whole entire bag of clips. don't mind me, i'm just chi chilling.
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[ spoking foreign language ] ♪ [ speaking foreign language [. >> what i said there were camels on the auto route. near france, some guy pulled over to the side of the road because the camels which escaped from the circus, decided to take a little trip on the auto route to get away. >> did that one fall in the ditch? >> it fell in the ditch or went and hid in the ditch. that one stayed where it was. the other one is like are you okay, buddy? okay, good. he gets back on the freeway. >> oh, man. now he's crossing the road. >> why did the camel cross the road? >> to escape the circus.
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>> yes. >> they must be terrified. they don't have 18 wheelers in the middle of the desert. >> he doesn't look terrified. you've heard of camel races. this guy has an easy-going trot. what i think is hitchhiking is like will somebody give me a ride. >> they were rounded up about 20 minutes later and taken to a nearby village. corian is 3 years old and she's asking for a good man. >> oh, my, my. slow down, honey. there's plenty of time. >> praying for mr. right next time on "right this minute." >> the bad guys go after the good girl. and that's not going to stand. >> did spiderman just like do a flying kick on that guy? >> did his heroics win over the girl? see it next. can have a horse have car envy? >> oh! >> i'll show you some real
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horsepow horsepower. >> we say yes. see what you think, right this minute.
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a prancing horse has been ferrari's moniker for a long time, the emblem you see on the hood of every gorgeous ferrari. here in shanghai, china, a couple of exotic cars, a ferrari and lamborghini were on a parade
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and ran into a couple folks on horses. this horse -- bang. kicked it. >> kicked the ferrari. >> mule kick style. >> i'll show you real horsepower. >> some of the people posting on this video claim that some of the horns in the area maybe not necessarily from these cars may havage stated the horse. there was damage to this guy's car. there's going to need to be paint and other repairs done. >> like he did it like intentionally. >> yeah. >> hey, hey. >> you know, the car really replaced the horse. this horse is just getting back at the car because he's lost a ton of jobs. his horse friends have lost tons of jobs. >> times are tough too. >> i prer to gettoin in a buggy. kind of nice, kind of scenic. >> i prefer to use the ferrari. video of a fun little event
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called the downtown provo dance walk in provo, utah. people walking around on the streets, people having a good time, but trouble was afoot. watch that girl with the oversized stuffed animal. some hooligans come by and steal her bear. >> your boyfriend. >> we're going to get you. >> that's not cool, right? >> no. >> where's your boyfriend? no one can save you. >> look who comes to save the day. >> did spiderman just like do a flying kick on that guy? >> spiderman himself comes to beat up the bad guys and save the damsel in distress. >> yeah! >> then, what is spiderman doing now? goes over to a balcony and somebody drops him down something. spiderman walks over and i think you might know what is about to happen. >> oh.
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a proposal. >> the mask comes off. spidy is down on one knee and boom, it's a proposal video. joining us right this minute from provo, utah, we have spiderman himself better known as james and his bride-to-be, shayly. shayly, did you know what was going on? i mean what was going through your head? >> i had no idea what was going on. i was scared to death and i just kind of smiled and laugh when i'm scared. >> when spiderman popped out and started beating up these hooligans were you like okay, i feel like i'm in a movie or something. >> i really did. he ditched me early on in the walk and then they're like where's your boyfriend. spiderman came, i was like oh, oh kay. >> what inspired this? >> shali is a spiderman nerd. i was saying to a friend what would you think if i got together with some friends and beat up the bad guys and proposed to her. she was like, you have to do it. >> what's it like you're now
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getting married to spiderman? >> it's a dream come true. it was honestly the coolest thing ever. >> james, did it cross your mind to work in the classic upside down kiss from spiderman? >> the first plan was to repel down from the building. we had so many difficulties and i almost gave it away because i was stressed out of my mind. she was like, are you okay? no. i'm just drinking a lot of caffeine. i'm fine. >> let's see the ring. >> boom. >> batman. >> bruce wayne has nothing on him. bruno's a star at playing dead, but getting him to come back to life. >> bruno. >> get up. >> you know what he's thinking right now, i got to get my own place. >> first he's got to -- >> wake up. >> see if bruno can pull it off, right this
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here you go little man.
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[ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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this group of guys, they're all over the place, they're pulling some pretty radical stunts in the open streets of new york city. >> in doing this, you're putting people in danger, like they were doing this right in front of pedestrians waiting to cross the street. >> not a whole lot of protective gear. you're right, they're doing it in and around other cars and traffic, going across bridges, through towns, but then one guy takes his bike up on the sidewalk and -- >> what in the --
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>> no way! >> is going on? >> i hope they were just skiing but it looked like a number two pose than number one pose. >> were they holding like toilet paper or something? >> can you spare a square? leaning up against -- >> oh, wow! >> sucks to be the owner of that van. >> this video went somewhere i did not expect it to go. >> yeah. lot of strange elements in this one. there are two bull dogs in this video but i want you to pay attention to the one who just won't wake up. >> bruno. >> his name is bruno and bruno's owner says he spent ten minutes trying to wake this dog up. the other dog comes to sniff. he's not budging. >> get up. >> he puts his foot on bruno, he's not budging. >> probably hanging out. like this cold floor feels so
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great. can't hear a thing. >> he may have o.d.'ed on begin' strips. >> bruno. bruno. bruno. >> you know what he's thinking right now, i got to get my own place, man. these people are annoying. >> come. >> he scratches his belly. shakes his collar. >> bruno is still not getting up. >> what happened to the dog? >> according to the person who posted this on youtube he said, when he finally brought some treats out, bruno magically woke up. >> oh. >> bruno. there is a new pandemic that is plaguing humans worldwide. >> this video didn't have to look this way. it could have been prevented. say no to vertical video. >> thank god! yes. i hate -- people they take their
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cell phones out and shoot like this. >> it's called vvs, vertical video syndrome. >> vertical videos happen when you hold your camera the wrong way. your video will end up looking like crap. >> still really bad. television is horizontal, computer screens are horizontal, people's eyes are horizontal. we aren't built to watch vertical video. >> i love vertical video. >> nobody cares about you. >> there are some pretty severe, severe effects. >> movie theaters will have to be tall and skinny. >> and the movie theaters will have to get torn down and rebuilt. >> say no to vertical video. >> there is something you can do. >> say, you're not shooting that right, dummy! >> the video was created by the groundhog and mario from glove and boots.
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glove and boots is a place on the internet where lots of puppets live. why make a video about vvs? >> wasted space, people. >> you know what, those vertical videos make me dizzy. >> nice. >> the dizzy video -- >> dizzy. >> was a vertical video. >> why do you think people are shooting vertically? >> it's because they don't understand how things work. >> so describe exactly, step by step, what can we do to help a friend who is suffering from vvs? >> slap him. >> don't do that. >> no, don't do that. then you might have to stick him down and have an intervention with him. please stop filming that way. take his phone away. [ inaudible ]. >> cell phone manufacturers to just embrace the fact that people naturally hold the phone a certain way and, therefore, the camera should just shoot the other way. >> this is like blaming the
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problem of obesity on mcdonald's. self-control and put down the french fries. have a little self-control and hold the camera the right way. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time. >> bruno. ♪ >> get up. ♪
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